Malware Symptoms - Some general things to look out for to hopefully reduce the chance of your computer becoming infected with malicious software.

Symptoms of Malware

  • Some programs will claim to speed up your computer but really just make things worse. Ones like the above, PC Optimizer Pro, are not technically classified as malware but are not considered to be helpful, especially if you have two or more installed at the same time. They can slow down your computer with messages and clog your screen with pop-ups. Some are helpful, but most are not.

  • If you're like us, you will have experienced annoying and frustrating pop-ups like the ones above. These annoyances will often come along after you've downloaded and installed other programs. As always, be mindful of where you download from and be sure to read every message that pops up during the installation. They will often tell you that additional unwanted software is going to be installed.

  • Sometimes when malware infects your computer it can change your homepage without you knowing it. Like above, one day your home page will be Google and then the next it'll be something completely different. This is very frustrating for users and is a sign that there might be malware on your computer.

  • Has this ever happened to you? You click on your favourite browser icon on the desktop expecting to be taken to your normal home page and you're then taken to a completely unfamiliar website? This is another sign that malware has infected your computer and is making unauthorised changes to your computer.

  • When malware programs infect your computer they often clog up your favourite browser, slowing it to a crawl. We all know how frustrating a slow browser can be, especially when you have to wait for 5 minutes just for Google to load up! If you are having these problems, do not hesitate to call us.

  • Malware doesn't only slow down your browsers. Other computer functions such as word processing or browsing your pictures can become painfully slow if too much malware is running on your machine. If your computer is running slow, even when you're not on the internet, it could be due to malware.

  • No one list can ever cover all the issues or questions that come up when computers become infected with unwanted software. If you have additional questions give us a call and we can schedule some time to assist you.

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