Warranty Information.

  • Computer Warranties in General

    Generally speaking, warranties are standard manufacturer hardware-only policies which cover the component in the case of a manufacturing fault, not a fault caused externally like accidental breakage or electrical issues such as lightning. Typically, postage fees for the return of the item are borne by the customer.

    An important thing to remember is your data is NOT covered and is your responsibility to backup. Always take regular backups so that if you need to restore your files you have the backups!
    To see our page on backups, click here.

    How to check if it is a hardware fault

    The most common form of error with computers is with software, not hardware, so it is important to check which is causing the problem. Everyday we use the Internet, email and software programs on our computers, and often there is either an incompatibility between programs or we download malware that causes our computers to crash, become unstable or freeze/lockup.

    Generally speaking, hardware faults tend to be consistent and permanent, for example:
    - The computer or device will not turn on at all
    - The computer or device gives multiple warning beeps when you turn it on
    Note: 1 beep is normal, multiple beeps can be a sign of failure.

    Sanna Computers

    - Our computers are sold with the standard 1 year return to base manufacturer's hardware warranty.
    - For any hardware faults with computers we sell, simply bring it back to our office and we will repair or replace the part that has failed.
    Note: the warranty does not include data so you may need to restore your files from backup after a warranty repair, for example, a hard drive failure.

    For other devices or components such as modems, backup drives, monitors, printers, wifi devices etc., please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for warranty and returns procedures.

    Software Faults

    Generally speaking, there are no warranties that software developers provide to protect your data. The best practice is that you take regular backups of your data in case you need to re-install Windows or other applications.

    Often re-installing Windows and/or your application will fix many problems such as:
    - Computer freezing or lock-ups during use
    - Some programs work but other programs crash
    - Pop-up messages and ads repeatedly appearing on the screen
    - Error messages
    - Computer failing to boot Windows successfully

    Often these errors are caused by:
    - Malware downloaded from the Internet
    - The computer was switched off rather than being shut down correctly
    - Windows Updates did not complete correctly, froze, or the computer was turned off while performing the updates
    - A recent update (eg: Windows, Itunes, Adobe, Java, etc.) was installed and caused your program to crash.

    We offer software cleanups and can also re-install Windows for you if needed. Simply contact our office to book in the work.

    Again, your data is not covered under any warranty. Your data is your responsibility and you need to make sure you back it up regularly. Check your backups often to ensure they are successful.
    If you would like assistance with backups please contact our office and we can organize an effective backup solution for you.

    Hardware warranties do not cover accidental damage or if the computer has been tampered with such as:
    - Dropping or hitting the computer
    - Spilling liquid on the computer, keyboard or screen
    - Parts being removed from the computer or the cover unscrewed or tampered with
    - Lightning, electrical surges or brown outs

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