Windows 10 - What's it all about and should you upgrade?

  • What is Windows 10?

    Windows 10 will be the latest and greatest operating system to be released by Microsoft. It is set to release on the 29th of July, 2015.

    As a brief overview, Windows 10 should take care of a lot of problems that came about with Windows 8, including the return of the 'Start' button and adjusting its functionality depending on whether it's being used on a phone, tablet or computer.

    To read more about Windows 10, click here.

  • Should I use Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    Windows 10 is going to be offered for free for one year so the biggest question regarding the new operating system is whether people should upgrade to it or stay on their current operating system.

    The benefit of upgrading to Windows 10 is that it is the newest operating system and will be supported for the foreseeable future with new features being released periodically. Windows 7, however, will not be supported after January 4th, 2020.

    If you are already planning on upgrading, we recommend waiting at least a few months before switching to Windows 10. This will give Microsoft the time it needs to iron out any teething issues it has with the new operating system.

    If you are unsure about upgrading, some things to consider are:

    * Will your computer even run Windows 10? If your computer is relatively new, chances are it will as the requirements for Windows 10 will be similar for 8.
    * Software compatibility. There were some issues with people trying to run older software on Windows 8 when it came out. There may be similar compatibility issues with the newer operating system. Financial software such as MYOB or CashFlow Manager are especially important for businesses to consider.
    * Will your printer work on Windows 10? It may take time for the makers of peripheral devices like printers to come up with drivers for the new operating system.

    For additional information on such things as system requirements and specifications please click here.
  • What is this '1 Year Free Upgrade?'

    You may have seen some slight changes to your computer lately.

    Have you seen this icon at the bottom right of your screen?

    Don't worry, this is simply Microsoft's effort to encourage you to sign up for an upgrade to Windows 10 when it becomes available.

    According to Windows Chief Terry Myerson, Microsoft will be offering the upgrade to Windows 10 for free for any Windows 7 or Windows 8 users for the first year of availability. If you have the Professional version of Windows 7 or 8, you will receive the equivalent version of Windows 10.

    At this time, it is assumed that full price will be charged after the one year time period.
  • Should I use the Microsoft 'Get Windows 10' option or should I completely remove my old operating system first and then install 10?

    In theory, an upgrade should save you time because you can skip much of the set-up work afterwards. In practice however, upgrades have often caused issues with the operating system. When you perform a clean installation, you get a fresh copy of Windows without any clutter. When you upgrade, Windows must attempt to bring your programs and settings with you. You won’t end up with a clean copy of Windows.

    As Microsoft deploys its new operating system via the upgrade method in the next few months, we will be able to see how successful that process is...stay tuned!
  • For any other questions about Windows 10, visit Microsoft's Q&A Page here.

As Windows 10 is brand new, Microsoft is the best source for the most accurate information. The links we have provided here will take you to legitimate Microsoft websites.

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