Windows XP Support is Ending. Are you Prepared?

What Is The Issue With Windows XP?

  • It's been over 12 years since Windows XP was first sold as the new operating system for Microsoft. Now after a very successful history, Windows XP will no longer receive support or updates from Microsoft. This is no surprise, after all, every product has a used by date. But the trouble with Windows XP is that it still runs between a quarter and a third of the world's computers! The sheer amount of computers that run XP means that a lot of businesses, companies and everyday users will be without Microsoft security updates after April 8, 2014.

  • Click here for our Facebook post which covers this topic and also links to an excellent article by ZDNET, which explains in detail the issues facing businesses worldwide, regarding the end of Windows XP Support.

  • How do I tell if I have Windows XP?

    • The first way to find out whether you still have Windows XP, is to look at the logo when you turn your computer on. Once you boot it up, there will be the words 'Windows XP', under the Windows logo, easily identifying that you have Windows XP. Another way to check whether or not you have Windows XP is to go to your Start button, then go to your Control Panel. Then, click the 'System' button and, you should come up with a box telling you exactly what sort of operating system you have.

    • A Common Mistake...

      • Some might think that because Microsoft have had 12 years to perfect the operating system, that their best bet is to stay put. However, without the new security patches, you could be exposing yourself to vulnerabilities in the operating system that Microsoft did not fix before the patches went offline. These may come in many forms such as downloads, links or even emails. There have been other instances in which this has happened and cyber criminals have saved their exploits until there were no more updates and then targeted the vulnerable systems.

      So What Does This Mean?

      • Another way to look at it is if you have any important documents on your computer such as:

        - Customer information like email, phone and address contact details

        - Customer banking and credit card info

        - Financial information like MYOB and Cash flow manager

        - Passwords for your online websites including internet banking

        The potential exists for this information to be taken by others and used for their own benefit and financial gain.

        These exploits already occur today but currently Microsoft fixes the problem with a “windows update” and we become safe again.

        After April 8th this safety mechanism stops.

      So What Can You Do?

      • Call or email Sanna Computing so we can help you with your upgrade from XP to Windows 7, the Windows of choice for businesses and users worldwide. Call us now on 0408 377 897 or email

    0408 377 897

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